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U.K and U.S Events

Strong publications today from the U.K and the U.S.

The GBP currency is under huge pressure because of a possible Brexit scenario on June 23rd.

A U.K exit from the EU will cause dramatic downside pressure on the U.K financial market including the FTSE 100.

The gbp/usd is trading around 1.44 and could target 1.4 and then 1.38 if rumors on a Brexit intensify.

Until the U.K referendum, news from the country is considered very sensitive and could generate strong trading opportunities.

U.K inflation report will be published today at 08:30 gmt- CPI (Consumer Price Index)

Expected number is 0.5% and any number below that could escalate a downside move by the GBP.

The Same report will be published in the U.S at 12:30 gmt, CPI publication.

The Federal Reserve is happy with the current unemployment rate in the U.S but is worried about low inflation that is usually an indication for a fragile economy.

Expected number is 0.4% and any number below that could trigger a dollar selloff.

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