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Trading U.S Events

Major events taking place today from the U.S as markets try to correct the strong drop from the start of the year.

The Fear Index or Volatility Index, the Vix dropped yesterday below 20 and closed at its lowest point since January 5th.

Housing data could support the dollar on better than expected results. The housing market is one of the most important factors for a possible rate hike on March 16th by the Federal Reserve.

S&P Composite will be published at 14:00 gmt with an expected 5.8% rise is home prices.

Home Sales will be published at 15:00 gmt with an expected number of 5.378 million. Back in the heat of the housing boom in 2006, the number of home sales was 7 million a year.

Assets to trade on housing market data will be gold and silver with a negative correlation approach.

Consumer confidence will be published at 15:00 gmt and the main gainers from strong confidence should be U.S markets and on the negative side the Vix Index.

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