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Stronger Dollar and Friday’s GDP

May 23, 2016

The U.S dollar is rising vs all the majors and this trend can continue this week as markets price in a possible rate rise on June 15th. The EUR/USD pair didn’t succeed in staying below 1.12 for a significant time period but another attempt this week could escalate downside moment...


Oil Inventories and FOMC Trading

May 18, 2016

Short term trading on all major currencies such as: EUR, GBP, JPY and USD has been very attractive throughout May. The reason for short term trading is that no strong trend has been created, as investors wait for the huge June events; Fed Rate Decision and U.K Referendum. Traders...


Dollar sell-off and Amazon Rise

May 3, 2016

The U.S dollar is under huge pressure because of very low expectations for any rate hike this year by the Federal Reserve. The next rate decision by the Fed will take place on June 15th and the market is pricing less than a 10% chance for any rate change. Keeping the Fed rate at ...


Draghi and Yellen Speak Today

April 7, 2016

The most important economic leaders of the global market will speak today, and as a result, traders should see a strong reaction by related assets. Mario Draghi is the President of the European Central Bank and he will speak today in Portugal. The main issue that could move marke...


NFP Week

March 28, 2016

Non-farm payroll will be published this Friday at 12:30 GMT. The unemployment rate is supposed to stay at 4.9% and the U.S economy is expected to add 208,000 new jobs  for march. No news is good news , meaning if the U.S market continues to add every month over 200,000 new jobs t...


FED day

March 16, 2016

Federal Reserve rate decision will be published today at 18:00 GMT followed by a press conference by Janet Yellen at 18:30 GMT . The Fed’s rate is supposed to stay unchanged at 0.5% and the market is pricing less than a 10% chance for a hike today. That is great news becaus...


Gold, Oil and the EUR/USD

March 1, 2016

As global interest rates are kept in historical lows by central banks, the price of gold continues to create upside momentum. Gold seems to be the best alternative to a cash deposit and if inflation keeps pushing lower than the price of gold will push higher. Gold is currently tr...


NFP Week

February 29, 2016

The Nonfarm Payroll will be published this Friday at 13:30 GMT. As unemployment continues to drop and workers are added into the U.S market, wage pressures should provide the next indication for a strong economy. When an economy is close to full employment, supply of free workers...


U.S Events and the CAD Sell Off

January 6, 2016

Two Important events published today from the U.S. Both should produce solid day trades and help position traders for a strong NFP on Friday. ADP Report published at 13:15 GMT: This is considered an NFP appetizer because the results are a forecast for Friday’s report. Expected nu...


2016 Starts with a NFP Week

January 4, 2016

This week will be reflected by the first Non Farm Payroll of 2016. NFP published this Friday at 13:30 GMT. Traders need to take into consideration that the U.S economy is close to full employment after adding more than 12 million new jobs since 2009. That means the amount of new ...


U.S GDP and Ibex Collapse

December 22, 2015

Big event coming up from the U.S today – GDP (Gross Domestic Product) As U.S labor conditions improve the main focus should be Inflation and Growth. The higher they are the more likely the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates sooner than later, especially following the last ...


Trading the Fed Decision

December 16, 2015

First Event at 19:00 gmt – Fed Rate Decision This is considered a sharp Binary Option Event and there are two main out comes. The first possibility is no change to rates and that should cause massive downside pressure on the U.S dollar. The second possibility is a rate rise for t...

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