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Oil Inventories and FOMC Trading

May 18, 2016

Short term trading on all major currencies such as: EUR, GBP, JPY and USD has been very attractive throughout May. The reason for short term trading is that no strong trend has been created, as investors wait for the huge June events; Fed Rate Decision and U.K Referendum. Traders...


Apple, Disney and Oil

May 9, 2016

Apple is on its medium term support level of $92 a share after dropping strongly following its weak earnings report two weeks ago. Apple has received support a few times at this level and a possible breakout below could create massive downside momentum that could target $86 a sha...


Dollar drops, Oil rises

March 21, 2016

The Dollar Index continued to fall yesterday following Wednesday’s important Fed event. The Index is trading around 94.95 and is close to its lowest point since October 2015. Next downside target for the Dollar Index is 93.96 and then 92.62 which is a long term key level. T...


ECB Event and the CAD Rise

March 10, 2016

Interesting event coming up from Europe today at 13:30 GMT – ECB Press Conference. The ECB isn’t supposed to change its regular rate of 0.05% which it will publish at 12:45 GMT, but could change its deposit rate for banks. Big news would occur today if President Draghi will...


Trading ADP and Oil Inventory

March 2, 2016

Two strong publications today from the U.S as stock markets rebound from a tough start to 2016. Upside Oil pressure is pushing stock markets higher and they can receive even more momentum from a good NFP on Friday and a strong ADP today. Global markets are looking for any news to...


Oil Inventories and GBP Drop

February 24, 2016

Oil inventories will be published today at 15:30 gmt. The expected weekly gain in inventories is 2 million barrels and if actual number comes higher than Oil could receive more downside momentum. Oil is currently trading around $31.6 a barrel after dropping yesterday by 5%. The F...


Last Trading Day of the Year

December 31, 2015

Binary day trades could become very attractive today as investors position themselves for the last hours of 2015. Day trading in binary options can be used for short term expiries of 10-30 minutes but the most popular day trade is the ‘closing bell’ trade. In order to overcome sh...


Two More Days for Rally

December 30, 2015

  Traders have just two more days to take advantage of the Santa Claus Rally. U.S market will open as usual today and tomorrow and then close for New Year’s Day. Because of the strong correlation between the stock market and the price of oil, the oil inventories publication ...


Oil inventories and NZD Event

December 9, 2015

Oil pushed higher after hitting support at $37.6 a barrel and is now trading around $38.17 a barrel. As Oil continues its long term decline, the weekly inventories count has gained a lot of momentum. Oil inventories published today at 15:30 GMT. Expected number of barrels in inve...

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