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Disney Reports

May 10, 2016

Disney will report its earnings after market close today. Traders can prepare their accounts and start trading the results tomorrow. Disney is one of the thirty companies that are part of the Dow Jones and a good report today could support the Dow Index as well. Disney has produc...


Apple, Disney and Oil

May 9, 2016

Apple is on its medium term support level of $92 a share after dropping strongly following its weak earnings report two weeks ago. Apple has received support a few times at this level and a possible breakout below could create massive downside momentum that could target $86 a sha...


Netflix and IBM Report

April 18, 2016

Netflix will report its earnings after market close today. The stock is considered very attractive for binary traders because of the high volatility and strong trends it creates after publication. Netflix is the biggest online TV broadcaster in the world and has expanded to an ad...


Binary Stock Trading

January 19, 2016

Three interesting reports will be published today from the U.S as Earning Season moves into higher gear. Bank of America publishes before market open. Binary traders should enjoy strong key level trading on the stock after market open, regardless if report is good or bad. The EPS...


Netflix enters the Chinese market

May 15, 2015

Consumer sentiment published today at 14:00 GMT. Overall Consumer Sentiment in the U.S is very high and is at the highest level since 2007. Consumer Sentiment is an important indicator that helps investors understand market appetite for spending. Since 2008 Consumer Sentiment has...