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Oil Inventories and FOMC Trading

May 18, 2016

Short term trading on all major currencies such as: EUR, GBP, JPY and USD has been very attractive throughout May. The reason for short term trading is that no strong trend has been created, as investors wait for the huge June events; Fed Rate Decision and U.K Referendum. Traders...


Oil Inventories and GBP Drop

February 24, 2016

Oil inventories will be published today at 15:30 gmt. The expected weekly gain in inventories is 2 million barrels and if actual number comes higher than Oil could receive more downside momentum. Oil is currently trading around $31.6 a barrel after dropping yesterday by 5%. The F...


Santa Claus Rally Begins

December 24, 2015

The Santa Claus Rally is a very short period of time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The stock market pushed higher yesterday and that could be the first sign that we are already in the Rally. The U.S market will open half a day today and traders can still position themselv...