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ADP Event and Tesla Report

May 4, 2016

ADP event published today at 12:15 GMT. ADP is a private company that tries to forecast the results of Friday’s NFP using private sector data. The accuracy of this report has improved drastically and the last ADP number was only 10k away from the actual NFP number. The expe...


JP Morgan Reports

April 13, 2016

JP Morgan will publish its earnings report today before market open therefore binary traders can start trading the stock just after. Correlation tactics with all major banks could make this Wednesday the most profitable day in earnings season. JP Morgan is one of the biggest bank...


Banks Rise

April 12, 2016

Most U.S banks pushed higher yesterday and could have signaled a positive position before tomorrow’s first publication by J.P Morgan. J.P Morgan will release its earnings report tomorrow before market open and other banks will follow in the coming days. Another rise today b...


Busy Trading Day

March 9, 2016

Binary traders should expect three ‘fast expiry events’ today. These are quick trades because usually volatility holds for a short period of time after publication. First event will be published from Canada at 15:00 GMT –  Bank of Canada Rate Decision. Low oil p...


Technical Trading and ISM Event

March 3, 2016

Two fantastic setups are provided for binary option traders today. (Charts attached) These setups are technical and are used to analyze the next technical move by the assets. EUR/USD The EUR/USD is trading around 1.0859 and is on a solid downtrend since February 11th when it trad...


Oil inventories and NZD Event

December 9, 2015

Oil pushed higher after hitting support at $37.6 a barrel and is now trading around $38.17 a barrel. As Oil continues its long term decline, the weekly inventories count has gained a lot of momentum. Oil inventories published today at 15:30 GMT. Expected number of barrels in inve...

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