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Dollar sell-off and Amazon Rise

May 3, 2016

The U.S dollar is under huge pressure because of very low expectations for any rate hike this year by the Federal Reserve. The next rate decision by the Fed will take place on June 15th and the market is pricing less than a 10% chance for any rate change. Keeping the Fed rate at ...


FED day

March 16, 2016

Federal Reserve rate decision will be published today at 18:00 GMT followed by a press conference by Janet Yellen at 18:30 GMT . The Fed’s rate is supposed to stay unchanged at 0.5% and the market is pricing less than a 10% chance for a hike today. That is great news becaus...


U.S Market Trading

March 15, 2016

Markets continue to trade sideways before tomorrow’s important rate decision by the Federal Reserve. The Dow is trading above 17,000 points and the S&P is trading above 2000 points while the Vix closed at 16.92. This is good news for the Fed as it can actually consider ...


Trading the Fed Decision

December 16, 2015

First Event at 19:00 gmt – Fed Rate Decision This is considered a sharp Binary Option Event and there are two main out comes. The first possibility is no change to rates and that should cause massive downside pressure on the U.S dollar. The second possibility is a rate rise for t...