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Trading Inflation

May 31, 2016

The entire western world is under a deflationary attack, meaning prices are not rising but dropping, or at least not rising even close to what central banks are used to. The first reason for this is slow global growth which started after the 2008 crisis and the second reason is C...


Apple, Disney and Oil

May 9, 2016

Apple is on its medium term support level of $92 a share after dropping strongly following its weak earnings report two weeks ago. Apple has received support a few times at this level and a possible breakout below could create massive downside momentum that could target $86 a sha...


Earnings Season Begins, China GDP

April 11, 2016

Major U.S banks will report their earnings throughout the week and these reports could set the tone for the banking industry in general. These banks include JP, Citi, Bank of America and many more. U.S banks are mostly influenced from the Fed interest rate and the higher it is th...


Netflix enters the Chinese market

May 15, 2015

Consumer sentiment published today at 14:00 GMT. Overall Consumer Sentiment in the U.S is very high and is at the highest level since 2007. Consumer Sentiment is an important indicator that helps investors understand market appetite for spending. Since 2008 Consumer Sentiment has...

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