Binary Option Day Traders Have a Huge Opportunity to Make Profits

Binary Option Day Traders Have a Huge Opportunity to Make Profits

Market Assessment

With the FOMC statement being released today at 18:00 GMT, there will be lots of room for day traders to ask and bid on the USD, gold, DOW and S&P.

Expectations are that the FOMC report will disclose more information about the future interest rates in the United States.

Over the past few years rates have been near zero, as a way to promote consuming and spending by the public, which therefore increased the equity markets such as the Dow Jones and S&P 500.


Today’s Forecast

The majority of the world’s indices will be trading near the highest values. With a positive outlook ahead binary option traders will have the ability to take options which will pay in dividends over 80%, which is only possible in a binary option trade.

The Crude oil inventory report will be made available at 14:30 GMT. The crude oil report is reaching its greatest value since it has had dating back for 80 years. This could mean that there is an abundant supply of oil at the moment, which will cause for binary option traders to expect that the value of the commodity will dwindle in the near future, as it has over the past 9 months.

Over the previous trading days, the commodity market has seen a correction with the price of crude oil, and it’s forecasted that the inventory published today will further support the claims and move oil further to $57 barrel, which is the medium target at the moment.

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