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About Us

DAY TRADER GUIDE was created by a team of online traders, investors, business people, journalists, binary options experts, and web developers in order to share our experiences with trading binary options in the financial sector with the general public. Each member of our team brings with them their own experience with the financial markets and e-commerce. We want to shed our light on the industry and give investors the right information available to help them select a binary option broker.

Binary options are relatively new when it comes to industry development and within a very short amount of time, less than 10 years; millions of people from around the world are now trading binary options.

Not every binary option brokerage is the same and at DAY TRADER GUIDE we want to present the most trusted and reliable brokerages out there to our readers. Along with disclosing brokerage information we feel that with our know-how of how the markets work it is our duty to inform the people and to share our wealth of knowledge with those who want to learn.


Our Mission Statement:

We strive to provide day traders with the latest financial market news, trading tips and investing strategies, so that they are equipped to trade Binary Options among the industries leading brokerages.


Choosing a Reliable Broker

Thomas Ellis is the Head Publisher of DayTraderGuide, as well as the author of DayTraderGuide’s eBook: A Day Trader Guide’s to Success. Thomas has been trading Binary Options since their inception in 2008. He has a following of more than 20,000 subscribers, who read his Binary Option trading tips, strategies and techniques. Thomas uses a combination of both fundamental and technical analysis when writing his daily market reviews.

Thomas currently lives in New York City with his family. An alumnus of NYU, Thomas brings his experience of commodity and stock trading to his writing. In 2012, Thomas created DayTraderGuide, as a way to inform day traders about Binary Options.



James PetersonJames Peterson is a staff writer for Day Trader Guide from Birmingham, England. He is in the process of writing a book about the emergence of Binary Options in the financial markets. James has more than 25 years of previous experience working as a commodity trader in the U.K., James holds a master’s degree from LSE, London School of Economics, and teaches finances at the college level.





Miyu Takukan is the Asian correspondent for Day Trader Guide. She contributes to the team as a financial analyst by writing a daily financial news column based on stocks and indices in the Asia-Pacific region. She lives and works in Tokyo, Japan and enjoys traveling to Australia whenever possible.





Salim SahnounSalim Sahnoun is a day trader from Paris, France. His trading strategies tend to focus mainly on commodities such as oil and gold, but don’t be surprised to read about Salim venturing into other categories such as currency trading.

Salim earned a degree in economics from Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) before becoming an international banker. He has left the corporate world of banking to become an entrepreneur in Binary Options. He lives with his wife and two children.




Christopher SiegelChristopher Siegel was a foreign currency investor, and now makes a living writing for Day Trade Guide and trading Binary Options for himself from his home in London, England. As a trader Chris, particularly focuses on foreign exchange rates.





Natalia Pavlov is a retired business professor who now lives and writes from her home in New York City. Natalia previously wrote a financial blog about trending markets in the financial field. Natalia can be found on Facebook and followed on Twitter as she promotes her investing ideas through social media campaigns.





Mark DunlapMark Dunlap has been working with online trading since 2001. His previous experience comes from working as a broker for Forex companies located in Caribbean. He now dedicates his time investing within the US economy and trading the US dollar. He is an advocate for green energy and sustainable living.