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Trading Inflation

May 31, 2016

The entire western world is under a deflationary attack, meaning prices are not rising but dropping, or at least not rising even close to what central banks are used to. The first reason for this is slow global growth which started after the 2008 crisis and the second reason is C...


Apple stock

May 24, 2016

Apple is on strong correction path since it hit a two-year low of $89.5 a share on May 12th. The stock closed at $96.43 a share yesterday and that reflects an 8% move upwards in 12 days. There are 3 main reasons the stock pushed higher in the past couple of weeks. The first is


Stronger Dollar and Friday’s GDP

May 23, 2016

The U.S dollar is rising vs all the majors and this trend can continue this week as markets price in a possible rate rise on June 15th. The EUR/USD pair didn’t succeed in staying below 1.12 for a significant time period but another attempt this week could escalate downside moment...


Oil Inventories and FOMC Trading

May 18, 2016

Short term trading on all major currencies such as: EUR, GBP, JPY and USD has been very attractive throughout May. The reason for short term trading is that no strong trend has been created, as investors wait for the huge June events; Fed Rate Decision and U.K Referendum. Traders...


U.K and U.S Events

May 17, 2016

Strong publications today from the U.K and the U.S. The GBP currency is under huge pressure because of a possible Brexit scenario on June 23rd. A U.K exit from the EU will cause dramatic downside pressure on the U.K financial market including the FTSE 100. The gbp/usd is trading ...


Disney Reports

May 10, 2016

Disney will report its earnings after market close today. Traders can prepare their accounts and start trading the results tomorrow. Disney is one of the thirty companies that are part of the Dow Jones and a good report today could support the Dow Index as well. Disney has produc...


Apple, Disney and Oil

May 9, 2016

Apple is on its medium term support level of $92 a share after dropping strongly following its weak earnings report two weeks ago. Apple has received support a few times at this level and a possible breakout below could create massive downside momentum that could target $86 a sha...


Tesla Solid, Alibaba Reports

May 5, 2016

Tesla is up 2.67% in aftermarket trading and should open today around $228 a share. This is a very fragile rise for a company like Tesla that has seen strong trends in the price of its stock. Tesla reported selling 14,500 cars last quarter and said it should sell around 17,000 ca...


ADP Event and Tesla Report

May 4, 2016

ADP event published today at 12:15 GMT. ADP is a private company that tries to forecast the results of Friday’s NFP using private sector data. The accuracy of this report has improved drastically and the last ADP number was only 10k away from the actual NFP number. The expe...


Dollar sell-off and Amazon Rise

May 3, 2016

The U.S dollar is under huge pressure because of very low expectations for any rate hike this year by the Federal Reserve. The next rate decision by the Fed will take place on June 15th and the market is pricing less than a 10% chance for any rate change. Keeping the Fed rate at ...


NFP, Tesla and Alibaba

May 2, 2016

Huge trading week for binary traders that begins with two interesting earning publications and ends with the U.S Nonfarm payroll. Tesla will report after market close on Wednesday so binary traders can trade the results on Thursday. Tesla’s Model 3 pushed the stock higher s...

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