60 Second Trading In Binary Options

60 Second Trading In Binary Options

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Introduction to 60 Second Trading

60 Second Trading is by far the most entertaining and exciting trading strategy accessible for a day trader looking to trade Binary Options or any other form of e-trading. Using the 60 Second Trading feature for Binary Option investments literally produces results in 60 seconds. There’s simply no other trading process that is this quick.

60 Second Trading is not ideal for everyone; however, for those who understand how to use this trading tool, and who have the ability to recognize market trends, the opportunity exists to make a lot of money in an extremely short amount of time.

Financial Information Sources

In today’s information driven society, sometimes there is just too much information to comprehend what is happening in the markets. DayTraderGuide.com uses the latest technologies to bring you a live television feed of Bloomberg News, as well as relevant daily financial news and trading articles. The future analysis section was designed to predict future activities of leading assets within the financial markets.

Successful traders are fully prepared when they enter a Trading Platform (brokers), especially those who use the 60 Second Trading Strategy, because the trading scenario happens so fast. Being prepared going in, will save you time and money on assets that aren’t profitable.

Short Term Fluctuations

Short term trading has unfortunately earned a bit of a tarnished reputation because it isn’t as easy as they’d like to you to believe. Making consistent and accurate decisions on short term movements in the market is not easy to do. 60 Second Trading falls into this category, so be careful.

For as much money as you can win in a short period of time, it’s easy to lose, too; there’s always a risk involved when making any kind of investment whether it’s with Binary Options, FOREX, stocks, bonds, or real estate.

Trading in Bunches

The beauty of 60 Second Trading is that multiple trades can be made at the same time. When there is movement in the market, you have the ability to make multiple trades on the same asset mere seconds after the previous option is taken. By trading in bunches you expand your chances of landing ‘In the Money’ on your trades when you properly ride market trends, maximizing an asset’s profitability.

60 Second Trading on Binary Option Trading Platforms

60 Second Trading is a standard Call/Put Trade; it just so happens that the expiry time is preset for 60 seconds. With 60 Second Trading, as with Call/Put Options, the primary question to answer and decide on is – Which direction will the asset move?

To make a 60 Second Binary Option Trade do this:

  • Select the underlying asset you want to trade
  • Select Call (up) or Put (down) depending on which direction you believe the asset will land at the end of the expiry time. In this particular case, the expiry time is automatically set at 60 seconds.
  • Place the amount you want to invest on this single trade
    • The payout rate is always posted on the Binary Option Platform (brokers). When you place your specific investment amount into the trade, it will automatically tell you what your return on investment will be.
    • The average payout is 78% for a 60 Second Trade; but there are Binary Option Brokers (comparison) who are able to offer as high as 92% return on investment in 60 Second Trades
    • Wait 60 seconds to see if your trade is a successful and lands ‘In the Money’

You don’t have to wait 60 seconds to conduct your next trade. You can immediately place another trade, either on the same asset or another while the previous trade still remains open.

Having multiple open positions is quite normal within a Binary Option portfolio, especially with standard Call/Put Options that consist of longer term expiry times. This is why Binary Options are so convenient for day traders who are looking to hedge their investments from previous sources.

Cashing Out

Trading in 60 seconds is ideal when markets are volatile, because traders can ride market trends and capitalize on opportunities as they are fashioned. Markets are most reactive during important economic data, such as a announcement from Federal Reserve or any other national bank’s announcement.

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